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About Mahoney Web Marketing

At the head of the agency is Peter Mahoney; WordPress and SEO (search engine optimisation) expert, digital marketer, web developer & designer (and self-proclaimed all-round nice guy). He works strategically to build and strengthen our clients’ online business through proven up-to-date WordPress SEO campaigns.

With 24 years of professional web experience Peter has picked up a huge variety of skills, and has made everything from websites for small local businesses through to full e-learning and accountancy systems.

Technically he’s skilled in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP5/7/8 and MySQL, and has experience in other languages too. He’s very experienced in Photoshop, GIMP photo editor, and can build custom WordPress templates as well.

These days he prefers to work in WordPress SEO almost exclusively simply because it’s a great way to demonstrate regular, measurable improvement to our client’s marketing and sales.

Let us help you improve your online success.