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Create a Google Account using an existing email address (Drive, Google Plus, Calendar, etc.)

By November 21, 201316 Comments

Create a Google Account using an existing email address (Drive, Google Plus, Calendar, etc.) - Mahoney Web MarketingYou can create a new Google account to access their suite of tools using your existing email address. The only Google app you’ll not be able to access is Gmail. which is fine because your email is already managed elsewhere.

This saves you having to have a Gmail account that you need to check in addition to your current email. This is great for me, I’ve already got three addresses and the thought of an extra email is a bit much.

Rather than going through the “Create and account” option you’ll see when you sign up for a Google service like Goggle+, go here instead:

You’ll note the option “I prefer to use my current email address”–use that!

Like most things, it’s easy when you know how. Or in this case, where.


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  • Pete says:

    I don’t have a Google acct.and I want one for my ceramic tile business can you help me by doing so?

    • Peter Mahoney says:

      Absolutely Pete! I’ll give you a call.

      (Thanks for including your phone number; I removed it from your comment to save you being inundated with calls.)

      • Pete says:

        OK thanks I have an acct which is thurstonpete21 but I want a Google acct where contractors can go on and look at my work so my business can pick up and do well

    • Pete says:

      No I do not have a web acct.

  • Breanna says:

    I’m hopeing that this will work

  • Leonie says:

    This hasn’t worked for me and im getting so frustrated. I have filled out the form and put my own email address as advised but then i cant see where i can access my email. i can see the gmail icon but obviously when i click that it goes to a form that tells me i have to sign u to gmail to continue. – PLEASE HELP SOMEONE ;-(

    • Peter Mahoney says:

      You should be able to input your full email address and password in the usual login actually.

      Feel free to get in touch with me properly though via my contact page – I need more information to really help. Cheers!

  • Bill says:

    I use Outlook and have an email account with Centurylink that most friends and clients use and am sure have saved. I have had numerous problems with Outlook and am sick and tired of the problems and wasted hours trying to get problems resolved with my ISP and MS.

    Can I use Gmail in such a way that when I send emails from my Gmail acct my Centurylink email address appears in my emails rather than my Gmail email address?

    • Peter Mahoney says:

      I’m not familiar with Centurylink I’m afraid, but you can set up Google Mail to access other email addresses via POP or IMAP, and I’d be very surprised if any email system didn’t allow for that!

  • Robert kambuwi says:

    I want google account for my emails and I do not have website

    • Peter Mahoney says:

      Well this doesn’t require that you have a website, but you at least need a domain. I wonder if perhaps you mean you just want to use gmail? If that’s the case, just head to

  • Carolina says:

    You have no idea how much I have tried to create a business youtube account, I can’t do it! I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but mine doesn’t looked the way other business accounts do (Videos, playlist, more info tabs etc) it looks like a regular channel. I already had a gmail account so I linked my G+ business account to youtube.
    Can you help me, please?

  • Peter Isamah says:


  • Angela says:

    If I accept a shared calendar request and access it using this method, can I get that calendar to show up on my iphone calendar app?
    When I go through the settings the way that I would expect to be successful, it brings me back to the add account screen before we finish setup of the new account.
    (I’m setting this up on someone else’s phone… I have an actual gmail address. I’m hoping that they don’t need to set up a gmail address to make this work)

  • leah Eval says:

    I want to make an existing account because I can’t remember my password