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Fairly common after work questions

By May 22, 2022No Comments

HI Peter

Thanks for doing all that work and I have noticed that when checking the website on a mobile there is no favicon and can you add our logo to be the favicon in the mobile version.

I installed a metor plugin I think a month ago and it seemed to speed up the site but the homepage seems to take a while before it loads fully and is there anything you can do for that?

I have a webmasters account with google where I verified the website and submitted a sitemap and will I download the sitemap and submit to my google account?

How long will the change you have made take to show in google rankings?

Do you think any of the changes could harm any of the current rankings such as, “Roofers”?

Let me know what your price would be for this extra work?

Also noticed the site is down the ranking from where it used to be and for example we were on page 6 for roofer Glasgow search and now we are on page 9?

Thanks Ian – hopefully you saw my write-up of the work completed which answers a few of your queries. 🙂

To the rest of them:

There wasn’t one when I first visited the site – let alone worked on it. So this pre-dates my work. If you’re interested in bespoke work to the site I do have packages available for that – let me know.

That’s not how those work with Search Console. (Which used to be called Webmaster Tools). I not only submitted the sitemap to be re-scanned, but set up a ‘ping’, so whenever you add a new post or page Google,Bing etc. will be notified.

Typically 3-7 days, as per my write-up.

No. The existing SEO setup you had was actually very poor, so it was great to be able to improve all that for you.

Ah! Sorry, I’m replying as I go through each thing. So yes, I do offer WordPress support packages, and you can read about those here:

“Also noticed the site is down the ranking from where it used to be and for example we were on page 6 for roofer search and now we are on page 9?”

Google hasn’t even scanned the site since my work – so any changes you’re seeing aren’t related to it at all. Obviously things will improve once they do.

Out of interest, how do you check your ranking on Google? Do you use a proper system like Google Search Console? Or do you just search for yourself?


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