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Following the SEO report I do have some questions

By June 11, 2020No Comments

Hi Peter, I just caught up with your message.

Thank you for the report again and after I send this message I will be paying your next invoice.

It makes for an interesting read and i do have some questions and points:

  1. “The number of times your site was seen in search results has increased by 26%
    Clicks to your site from search results are up 15%”
    Are there any statistics on:

    1. what people are looking at when they get to the site
    2. If people are coming from facebook or instagram to look?
    3. what are the actual numbers?
  2. Search terms: we have found others seem popular so you may want to add them to your list.
  3. The speed enhancement and error update tidy up sounds good. the 404 error and searching for yourself info was very interesting too
  4. Just to clarify: we don’t sell from our office so location is irrelevant to us. We only sell online – and will deliver anywhere within the known universe
  5. I will try to write some how-tos – does they have to go on the homepage?
  6. Do you think the blog which I started on your advice is having any effect? I’m thinking it should fit in with the Bert update – if I am doing it right…

That’s it. Thanks for your input and help.


Questions are, of course, always welcome.

To give an idea of the actual figures (although I do usually track the growth, which is considered the optimal way to measure an SEO campaign)…
In the past month actual clicks to the site from organic search results were: 1,149
Impressions in the same period in organic search were: 36,941

You’ll note I made a real point there of specifying ‘organic search’ – that’s very much the domain SEO (and therefore my work) exists in. So I don’t have any stats for Facebook or Instagram. I can say the figures above really are just from search – so anything you get from social would be on top of those in your overall stats.

Similarly I don’t measure what happens to a visitors pathway after they get to your site either – that sort of thing is either considered the realm of generic Analytics (as opposed to search specific) or more explicitly – the realm of US (user experience) which is a whole different discipline.


In terms of reporting I include up to 12 in the reports. Of course I’m targeting many, many more than that but for the sake of measuring growth and demonstrating the success 12 is more than sufficient.

But I can definitely swap some out for others if you’d like! Maybe you could just send me back a list of 12 you’d like and we’ll use those from now on.

Oh I know – it’s just extra stuff Google likes to see in place even if it’s irrelevant to the operations of the business.

It’s best on the homepage. Think of any content on the site like this – the more ‘steps’ away it is from the homepage the slightly less import it has for your SEO authority.

So if the FAQs are on the homepage we can use the structured data approach to full effect. If they’re on a page that’s one click away from the homepage they’ve worth less. If they’re buried in a link from the footer or something… even worse.

The higher any content on the site (both in terms of how many clicks through the navigation it is to get to, AND how high it sits on a page) the more weight it has for SEO.

So, with the FAQs, I recommend they go on the homepage, but towards the bottom so they’re not in the way of other stuff.

Yes! It is, and will continue to as you add more. It’s amazing how much of a difference blogging couple with an SEO campaign is.

Case in point is my own site:

I have great SEO on it of course, but being my own site it’s never really finished or up-to-date – my clients get all my time and my own ‘house’ is never really finished. So I go through phases of blogging a lot and then I get busy and forget about it.

Well, just three weeks ago I started adding regular content again. One of my targets is ‘seo expert peter’. Google that – see where I suddenly am after just a spat of blogging and SEOing it all properly!


Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert


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