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Google Data Highlighter–you need to be using this right now!

By March 8, 2013No Comments

Google Data Highlighter--you need to be using this right now! - Mahoney Web MarketingYou know how Google pulls in interesting bits of information into its search results for some sites? Like showing right there in its results the dates and venues of a company’s upcoming events?

Well, that used to be done via little code tags in your HTML. Over the last few months, Google has rolled out a tool to let you do it across your entire site by previewing your live site graphically, and simply highlighting parts of it.

Those snippets in the results carry a lot of weight; people assume that the sites with snippets are for the more popular and professional businesses.

Make the most of this TODAY. (That’s right, I used CAPS. This is so simple and such a great upgrade to your Google presence!)


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