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How many keywords do you include in SEO reports?

By July 19, 2020No Comments

I know in your monthly WordPress SEO reports you include statistics for clicks from search engines, the number times my site was seen in search engines – and of course search rankings. I note you include up to 12 rankings for different search queries – do you have different packages and options for that?

Do you only track 12 regardless of what package someone is on?

Ah! I thought we discussed this before, but perhaps not.

Have a read here about keywords:

The key thing there is ANY words in your site can (and are!) picked up for ranking.

So my work doesn’t just ‘target’ 12 queries. And it never has. I’m targeting every area, every service, and more things besides.

I simply TRACK just 12. I settled on that for a variety of reasons, from the amount of time it takes to track and report on them to requests from my clients – when I’ve experimented with say, the top 50 I found people stopped engaging with the reports (and therefore their own SEO) as much.

So my recommendation is to pick a spread of terms you want to rank for, so that we can see the general site-wide trend over time. Not just to focus on the core things you want to rank for.

If you’d like me to come up with a bespoke reporting package for you though which does track every permutation you might like I can – I’ll just need to adjust the price accordingly.

Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert


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