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How many pages do you SEO on each WordPress site?

By June 7, 2020No Comments

How many pages do you SEO on each WordPress site? I’ve got about bout 25-30 pages. I’ve got someone working on the site speed as we speak right now.

So I guess here’s my real question. Do you look at each page individually re: seo meta tags and key words etc or just setup Yoast etc for the entire site.

Also do you do a more long term offer with monthly review etc.


Yes it’s complicated. (SEO isn’t straight forward!)


Some pages will have bespoke tags written, others left to have them generated on-the-fly. For example, a News of Blog page that just has lists of the recent posts would need to be om-the-fly. Because the content is 100% dynamic – it changes as new content is added – there’s no static content to reinforce with search engines.

And in turn if we reinforce content through meta tags that have no relevancy to the page content itself, that can hurt the SEO setup.

So I do site-wide work of course, and then look at every page on an individual basis. But that doesn’t necessarily mean every page will end up with bespoke tags.

I hope that makes sense!

And yes, I do offer ongoing campaigns for people that really want to commit to organic search as a marketing strategy. You can read more about that here:


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