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I have an SEO client with several websites

By October 29, 2020No Comments

I do have an SEO client that is keen to start but I need your advice on it first. It’s a restaurant business with a few locations. So they have separate 1 page websites for each location and also a group website – so 4 sites in total!

What is the most effective and efficient way to boost their SEO??! They’ve obviously been hit hard financially over the past 6 months and have asked me to help them build their online presence.

Your challenge, should you wish to accept, is… what is the best SEO strategy for them? Should we focus on one site and push out from there? Do all sites need separate focus?

I’d like your services on this account on an ongoing monthly basis, but as mentioned, for now I need to find the most cost effective solution for them.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, so there’s a few options here. In a perfect world I’d SEO all four of them, and do campaigns on them all too. But obviously the budgetary constraints and the pandemic make this unlikely.

The lower end of things would be to have me just SEO and work in an ongoing capacity on one site.

I would propose a middle ground. That I do an initial SEO overhaul on them all (I’ll do 4 for the price of 3) and then choose one for an ongoing campaign. The one I would choose wouldn’t be the group site actually (simply because there’s not a lot on it, and also doing one of the locations might help prove to them the value of having other locations engage in a campaign too.)

Perhaps the main location one would be a good site to start an ongoing SEO campaign on.

Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert


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