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I love SEO - Mahoney Web MarketingIt’s true. I love search engine optimisation.

That might seem an odd statement, because surely SEO is just background processes that help bushinesses get an edge, right?

No, as a matter of fact. It has that effect, which is incredibly useful to anyone with an online presence. But it also helps create a “cleaner” world wide web. It helps streamline the internet, making things easier for every one.

SEO helps make sure your site is found by people actually interested in what you’re selling. From that person’s perspective, it’s made their time online easier.

It also helps force us to make better websites, and better content. You need to be writing for the web properly, you need to be as concise as possible without coming across as terse, and most of all you need to communicate carefully, thoughtfully and strategically.

SEO makes the web a better place. And done well, it makes you more money as well.


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