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I need some help with this site

By May 13, 2020No Comments

I hope you’re well. I need some help with my site.
1. Increase speed, reports tell me it’s slow
2. SEO audit & recommendations
3. SEO optimisation

I think 2 & 3 are covered in your offer here. Can you also help with 1?
I think I already have most of the set up bit in place (site map, SEO pack etc).

Thanks for contacting me!

I have a few thoughts around this…

I don’t do speed work by itself anymore – only bundled with SEO. I can probably make the site faster – I usually achieve around an 35-40% increase in loading time (I can’t make promises of course!) but because your iste currently loads in around 6 seconds that’s still not going to be terribly fast.

You can see from the attached benchmark in the ‘File Requests’ graph towards the bottom that the thing taking most of the loading time is actually just the very first ‘connection’ bit. That suggests it could be a problem with the server causing the slowdown, not the site, which I wouldn’t be able to resolve for you.

Your SEO could do with an overhaul to be honest. Just looking at something as basic as the homepage description it’s already breaking one of the main rules – it has too many commas. Too many of those and Google assume you’re just keyword stuffing. Which to be fair is what you’re doing here.

So I can certainly overhaul your SEO, and look to improve the loading time as part of the job with the add-on.

Up to you obviously! Thanks again,

Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert


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