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I need to improve my sites’ SEO and Page Speed.

By May 17, 2020No Comments

Hi Peter,

I hope you’re well.

I am in need of some help with my website to have some work done to improve its SEO and also its Page Speed.

I have done a fair bit with the SEO but I do need more help. The Page Speed score is currently only 10 and I really would like this up there in the 90s without changing the structure of the site (which I am having difficulty with).

Thanks for contacting me! I can certainly help with your SEO (the homepage description I can see isn’t in line with best practice – and that’s the first thing I check!)

But speed might be another matter. My work is based around making the site load faster – NOT trying to improve Pagespeed % scores.

Here’s a little background on that:

But the short version is unless I was to totally recode your WordPress theme, and change a lot of it to reduce bloat – it’s probably impossible to go from 10% to 90%. That would be just huge.

WordPress is great in that it is so extensible, it’s easy to make it pretty much anything you want. But that comes with a lot of extra code. It’s not a great platform for % scores.

But it came be fast – my work usually reduces a sites loading time by 30-40%. (I can’t make promises on that though.)

Where my hands are tied is if the reason a site is slow is the server – if load balancing isn’t great, or a bunch of sites are thrown on the same web server – because I can’t affect that.

Anyway, some food for thought.

Thanks again,

Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert


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