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I noticed that in the ‘Coverage’ section there are a few URLs marked ‘noindex’

By May 14, 2020No Comments

Hi Peter

thanks for that advice. I’ll look into int. I was just looking at Google Console and noticed that in the ‘Coverage’ section there are a few URLs marked ‘noindex’ – do we need to worry about this in terms of it negatively impacts our SEO or anything else?


Thanks for checking – those are all pages we want marked as noindex!

They’re the ‘Stock’ pages I referred to in my initial report when I delivered your SEO. In this case they are all just policy pages, terms & conditions and cookie policy pages.

I’ll re-paste that section at the bottom of this message in case that’s helpful.

The reason they’re marked as ‘submitted but not indexed’ is because they used to be submitted before I marked them otherwise. So really this is just Google letting you know about that change – eventually they’ll stop reporting these because they’ll see they are in fact not being submitted anymore.

I hope that’s helpful!

Thanks again,

Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert

A couple of pages on your site were “stock” pages, for example policy information. In order to make sure your site is compliant with the latest Google update, these were marked as “noindex”.

The reason those sorts of pages are considered “stock” is they’re essentially standard pages (also known as ‘boilerplate’) that don’t reflect what your site is actually about.

A lot of sites use standard content for those, copied and pasted from elsewhere. So there can be duplicate content issues – but at the very least they don’t reflect the main purpose of your site, so they water down the message so-to-speak.

Google and Bing both recommend these sorts of pages be marked as “noindex”, meaning they won’t scan them and add them to the body of data about your site.


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