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I’m making a point of marketing myself more, by actually contacting people. 🙂

My website is well thought out, structured, and gets lots of visits, but I need to be going TO people as well. Case in point, here’s an email I just sent to a bunch of my LinkedIn connections.

(This email contains a FREE GIVEAWAY, keep reading for details).

Your website is your best online sales tool. Fullstop.

Search Engine Optimisation should be easy, but all too often geeks and nerds try to blind you with their science.

You can sign up for a free copy of my E-book “SEO, THE PRIMER” as well as my regular WEB GURU SECRETS here:

The first FIVE people to sign up today will receive a FREE WOODEN 2GB USB Memory Stick.

At its core, SEO is about reinforcing. Reinforcing your messages, your values, who you are and what you do. Learn how to maximise your search potential.

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