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I’m starting a small business and checking out SEO options

By May 17, 2020No Comments

I’m thinking of starting a small business and I’m in the process of checking out SEO options.

As you are so highly recommended I thought I would try here first.

My question is if I created a Wix website could you help me in anyway on the SEO front?


Thanks for contacting me!

I can do Wix SEO, absolutely. But there’s some important notes to consider if you’ve not already chosen the content management system you’ll be using.

Quite simply (and despite what they might say) Wix doesn’t offer anything like the range of SEO configurations that WordPress does.

Their SEO options are very limited.

As such, while I can technically SEO your site, a Wix site simply isn’t going to be able to compete in search results with a well SEO’d WordPress based competitor’s site.

It would still be better to have all the SEO you can get on it, but really I always recommend WordPress for anyone seriously looking to make the most of organic search ranking.

Thanks again,

Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert



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