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I’m working hard to streamline a bunch of systems, both my internal processes and the packages I sell and offer.

Internally I’ve made a system that I interact with for my SEO work. Basically I work out the SEO strategy based on the research, then the system creates a file that I import to the site which acts as my starting point for the project.

I’ve also really made communication more streamlined with a system I created that allows me to rapidly create customised template messages, and also store examples of messages that come up every now and then (but not very often) so I can refer to those the next time I need to send a similar message.

From a selling perspective I’m very keen to get some really strict packages I can sell to people. Strict in that we both know what’s involved and I don’t deviate from them. I all too often become the go to for my clients for bespoke changes even if they’re not paying for a regular maintenance package. I need to change that to make things easier on myself.


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