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Making work, work

By March 1, 2013No Comments

When I first started working for myself I needed a confidence boost, and sitting in my office asking people if they needed help with anything wasn’t giving me it.

I had a tonne of offers for agency work, but I’m in this game to create my own business, not just support someone else’s. I’m happy to be a gun for hire, but I want to at least be protecting my own town.

A friend recommended PeoplePerHour, and at first I was somewhat sceptical because of other similar freelance sites I’d used (that all seemed very driven to support the buyer, making the seller feel like a turd begging for work) but got my first paying job on it within several hours. Then another. Then a third.

That was the confidence I needed. Next thing I knew I was taking on client’s from elsewhere, and could demonstrate my skills.

I came back though. I wanted to start 2013 with some fresh work, so you’ll find me selling my wares there again. It’s a creative space for people to meet and find common ground to work towards. ANd of course, there’s some really talented developers on there too.

If I do say so myself.

Why not hire me?


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