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By April 28, 2015No Comments

Mobilegeddon - Mahoney Web MarketingIt’s a catchy name for a simple, but important change.

Since April 21, Google has been ranking sites that are mobile friendly higher in search results–but only for searches performed on mobile devices.

So if I use my phone to look for a photographer – sites that are mobile friendly are going to come up before those that are not.

If I do the same search on my desktop, they won’t (as much).

There are two main things to take away from this:

  1. This is an important change, and you should check that your site is mobile friendly immediately. You can do that using Google’s own tool.
    If your site fails, let me know and we’ll do something about it.
  2. The other thing to keep in mind is this is just the start, it’s clear Google intends to roll this out to all searches, regardless of whether the search was performed on a desktop, tablet or mobile. It’s only a matter of time until all search rankings are affected–so make sure your site is mobile friendly.



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