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£150+VAT per month

Over the past year, our ongoing SEO clients have seen an average monthly increase of 17% to their SEO stats. That’s HUGE.

After an initial SEO overhaul, it’s absolutely best to engage in a strategic, data driven ongoing SEO campaign.

Over time we can gather more and more data about your SEO performance, and then use that to continually hone and improve your SEO configurations, moving you further and further up the rankings.

Email us to keep pushing your ranking in search results

The service includes:

  • Tracking your SEO rank and success for a number of search queries that we’ll choose.
  • Based on that data as well as any recent changes to search engines algorithms (which happens more often than you probably imagine!) we tweak your SEO settings to make them as optimal as they can be.
  • Any plugins and software we use is regularly updated to stay on top of the game.
  • Any new settings those updates introduce are explored, strategised, and configured.
  • If there’s been any new software or useful packages that have become available those will be implemented.
  • It’s not unusual to find Google or Bing release a major change that requires a lot of work on your site to keep it in line with their guidelines and best practice. It can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it.
  • Each month we’ll send you a report with some stats, data on your rankings as well as explaining what changes have happened (or are coming up!) in the industry, and all the changes we had to make as a result.
  • Quite often we’ll also provide specific details of phrases to use in any blog posts you have coming up, sentences we could use more often, etc.

A new client recently said to us that if she’d known how involved, detailed and successful our ongoing campaigns are she’d have signed up a couple of years ago. That feedback came after she received her first report (17 pages!) and with her permission I’m sharing that very report with you so you can see just how much you get for your monthly investment. Check it out, here.

We really cannot recommend a proper ongoing SEO campaign highly enough. WordPress is excellent software with wonderful SEO potential – and with our 24 years experience in SEO awe can absolutely help you.