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Queen’s “Greatest Hits”

By April 10, 2014No Comments

Queen's "Greatest Hits" - Mahoney Web MarketingWhat do you blog about when business is slow?

Most of us get inspiration for our posts from what we’re doing professionally. Recent successes, new clients, examples of our work…but what to say when not a lot has been going on?

Dave Burnett is an Essex based wedding photographer I work with, and he sent me this excellent article this morning:
What to blog about when business is slow

Understandably, it’s about the photography business. But there are ideas in there for us all.

  • Musings
  • Our greatest hits (the best work of the year before)
  • Things we want to achieve (our dreams)
  • Explain concepts from your industry

Whatever you do, avoid the temptation to write about having nothing to write about. I enjoyed Queen’s “Greatest Hits” far more than I would have a lonely press statement saying they contractually had to release something.


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