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Rearranging my menu, dropping the “Home” link

By April 16, 20142 Comments

Rearranging my menu, dropping the "Home" link - Mahoney Web MarketingI’m beginning the process of moving my menu around, which includes dropping a few pages, adding a couple more, and essentially trying to drive visitors towards the products I’m most interested in selling.

As part of the process I’ve dropped my “Welcome” link, which went back to the homepage. Users can still return there by clicking the main site titleā€”but I’m interested to see what happens if I “squeeze” my menu to just the most important bits.

What’s the point of having a link back to the home page anyway? In my case it’s an overview, and I want people to get to the nitty-gritty, and become clients.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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  • jen farrant says:

    I did the same, really reduced down the number of pages on my website and dropped home amongst others.

    As you say, I want people to read more about me, not my home page!

    I think clicking on the logo is standard to get back home anyway

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