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SEO after changing website content

By January 17, 2022No Comments

My colleague and I have a wish list of changes/updates we want to make to the content on the website. My technical SEO knowledge is limited, but I would like to know when I make changes to the website I am doing it correctly and maximising our SEO potential. With this in mind, I was wondering if you offered perhaps a tutorial session with clients where you can walk me through the key points and answer any question I may have.

I can and do offer that – but as a ‘consultant’ I’m afraid my fees are much higher. ‘Teaching a person to fish’ is awesome, but you’ll never sell them another fish. 🙂

An hour session would cost you £300+VAT for SEO tuition. I do offer discounts for agencies that bring me in for a few days to upskill their SEO teams, but that’s definitely not something you’d need.

Or of course when you’re done I can overhaul the SEO for you for a set £150+VAT.

Personally I recommend the latter. 🙂



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