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By September 23, 2020No Comments

Hope you are well.

We have just had one of our tech guys do something on the backend of the GRV site and they mentioned the following:

It looks like the site was running Yoast SEO and this has been removed and replaced with All In One SEO plugin. I would advise that this is changed back, as Yoast SEO is a much better plugin for SEO. The site also seems to be running a lot of unused plugins, so needs a proper tidy up. Plus a number of other SEO issues in regards to indexibility, etc.

Is this something that you are able to do or is there a reason that this is like it is?

This is a classic case of it’s best to leave the specialist function to the specialist. 🙂

Different WordPress SEO plugins are best in different circumstances — the way the site uses pages, products, posts etc. is important in choosing. I don’t have a personal affinity to any of them; I look at a website and decide which SEO plugin would be better on a case-by-case basis.

We discussed this back when I first worked on the site actually. Also the proof is in the pudding, the SEO setup I’ve provided and have been working on is very successful, as demonstrated in the stats.

The idea that ‘one plugin is always best’ really just shows someone’s read a couple of (often sponsored) blog posts but doesn’t deal with the actual intricacies of SEO.

As you know, my work is considered, data driven and each site is given it’s own strategy.

He did mention there’s a lot of plugins generally on the site that aren’t being used – I do agree that should be looked at. It’s not SEO related of course…but also as they tech person it would be his job to be managing unneeded plugins for you I imagine.

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