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SEO for plumbing & heating business

By May 24, 2020No Comments

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your prompt professional service, appreciated and will wait to see how the changes impact the site. I would also like to take you up on the one month free SEO campaign and can you also let me know how much it would be monthly after that.

I also have the AdWords campaign but looking to pause this for a couple of months or so, to see what enquires are coming from where as. It to bothered if it doesn’t generate much revenue for a few months.

Also is there any stats showing current ranking for keywords i.e like a report that I could compare to next month etc?

I also have a plumbing & heating business, would you be able to look at that website and see if it’s worth running some additional SEO or OK to leave like it is with some Google AdWords like we are doing at the moment?


I’ll carry on with that free month for you.

If you want to carry on afterwards the price here via PPH is just £100+VAT a month. You can read more about the service here:

I’ll send through a thorough SEO report at the end of the month for you.

I can certainly SEO the plumbing site too – it looks like most of the SEO setup relies on the outdated ‘keyword meta tag’, which hasn’t really done anything for nearly 20 years. (Google never used it, nor Bing, and Yahoo stopped 12 years ago. In fact there’s evidence to suggest Bing might even penalise sites for using it!)

I do recommend SEO over Adwords if you have to choose between the two. SEO obviously can take a wee while to build but the ROI always ends up beating out an expensive PPC campaign.

I hope that helps!

Thanks again,

Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert


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