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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO, for so many reasons

By October 23, 2012No Comments

Reason number {insert bizarrely obscure number here for comic effect}. Branding is highly important, but most of your site’s traffic likely comes from organic search (visitors stumble across you after searching Google, or Bing) and while you might have a fantastic scheme for converting them into customers, unless they can find you in the first place, your scheme means nothing.

Yes, branded search converts at a higher rate since the visitor was looking for you, but what power does non-branded organic search have beyond basic non-branded keyword filtered conversion reporting?

Once again, we step further into analytics and take a look at what wasn’t so apparent on the surface of keyword referral tracking. Look at the Multi-Channel Funnel section of Google Analytics. By assessing the top channel groupings assisting each other to conversions you may quickly see a picture such as this:

via How to Prove the Value of SEO in 10 Minutes – Search Engine Watch (#SEW).

Get people to your site. Make sure they can find you. Otherwise you may as well stick with an advert in the Yellow Pages. (For anyone under 25, the Yellow Pages was a brick like tome made up of thousands of pieces of yellow paper, containing adverts for businesses. And using it SUCKED).


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