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SEO’s walking dead, and their house of cards

By June 20, 2014One Comment

SEO's walking dead, and their house of cards - Mahoney Web MarketingI read an article this morning which shared Gale Ann’s view on Internet piracy (she’s the producer of a popular TV show called The Walking Dead) .

However, this post isn’t commenting on piracy as a topic, rather Ann’s own comment that a Google search for Netflix’s House of Cards (another very popular TV program) doesn’t even bring up the official site in the top 50 results.

On the surface, she’s saying “look at all the piracy sites that come before the proper one!”, but behind that is the idea that by default, the official site for anything should come top. The problem is, Netflix’s site for House of Cards has terrible SEO, that’s why it performs so poorly.

There’s not nearly enough textual content, and the meta tags are actually about Netflix, not the show, and therefore they score very poorly for relevancy (how many words in the tags also appear on the page) which is likely to have them penalised by Google, not shoved higher up the rankings.

This serves as an excellent cautionary tale. Just because you feel you deserve to be in the top spot, doesn’t mean you will be. If other people are writing about your industry, product or service, and do it better than you do—they will beat you in the rankings.

If you care about your position, invest in some proper, industry-leading SEO—and get where you want to be.


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    Hi, after reading this article I am going to share it with my colleagues–I work for an SEO company myself–and you’re clearly at the top of the game!

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