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Spam emails to create links to directories

By October 19, 2021No Comments

Hi Peter – whats your view of this from an seo standpoint? It obviously a mass mailshot, but just revisiting this kind of thing:

My name is Anna, I represent a website in the US – one of the world’s leaders in job category websites. Our job search engine gathers vacancies from more than 71 countries and has a number of visitors that is more than 75M monthly.

We would like to provide your company with a non-commercial partnership to promote your site for our users. We will show a banner of your company on our search result pages and make sure to target the right audience. Only the most relevant visitors will see your banner thanks to keywords set up according to your theme. This partnership will help you increase the visibility of your business without paying for advertisements.

In return for our offer, we would kindly ask you to place the link to our site on your website.

So, how does a complimentary non-commercial partnership with us sound? Let me know if you are interested and I will send you some more details.

Cheers – generally speaking I assume those things are spam. Link sharing like that is actually a really old technique, although one that’s becoming popular again as people become desperate to make their directory sites rank well again (Google really started hammering directory sites in 2015).

In this case though I did a little extra research – this one is maximum spam.

While I can’t see their exact stats I can see general trends for them. Most of their visitors come from Russia, and the figures are no where NEAR 75M a monthly.

In fact most of the sites I manage beat them in monthly stats! 🙂



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