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As you’d expect for someone obsessed with SEO I regularly check my own ranking on Google and the other major search engines.

But when Taking my own advice - Mahoney Web MarketingI did my regular search today on Google I found myself in number two. 2! I’ve been first for months, and now there’s a pesky LinkedIn directory above me.

My first thought was, “But I haven’t changed anything!” and of course, that’s the problem.

I’ve only blogged a few times in the past four months. I used to keep a regular schedule of three times a week, and Google loved me for it. It got their SEO juices flowing. But now, I’m falling – and it’s totally because I’m not generating enough content.

Content really is king for SEO. Yes there are all sorts of things you can do behind the scenes (and as a WordPress SEO expert – those are my specialty) but ultimately SEO is about reinforcing your core content; key messages, what you’re all about – that sort of thing.

After the sort of work I do the next most important thing to keep Google, Bing – all the search engines happy -is to have regular, topical, original content on your site. And there’s almost no better way to achieve that than blogging. It doesn’t need to be called a blog of course – you can call that section Update, or News – whatever creates an area in your site where you’ll be posting regularly.

It’s ironic in one way (and not in the Alanis sense, but something that actually fits the definition of irony) in that I write to at least two clients a day extolling the virtues of blogging. I’ve been so busy preaching the blogging gospel that I haven’t had the time to do it myself.

Well, all that changes today. Thrice a week, you’ll see me writing. And you’ll see me back at number one as a result of those efforts.

And I won’t feel like such a hypocrite when delivering my SEO sermons.


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