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This page explains what an urgent request is, and how you can make one.

What is an urgent request?

If I manage a service for you that is experiencing an issue that cannot wait to be resolved, it is an urgent request.

For example:

  • I maintain and manage your website for you and your website is offline
    • if I manage your site you will have a “maintenance package” item on your monthly invoices
  • I host your website on my servers and the hosting is not working
    • i.e., you cannot access both your website and the webhosting control panel for it
      • the control panel is usually at http://yourdomain/cpanel
      • if you can access the control panel but not your website that usually indicates an issue with the website rather than the hosting
    • if I host your site you will have either paid a hosting fee to me in the past 12 months, or have had a site created by me less than a year ago that we agreed would be hosted on my servers

How can you make an urgent request?

If your request is urgent, please email [email protected]