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Website code template

By February 13, 2013No Comments

Website code template - Mahoney Web MarketingThis is for my fellow developers out there.

I have a small series of files I copy and paste whenever I’m about to start a new project, they have default templates for various files I use a lot. Like a header, footer, index page, blank stylesheet, and something called “top.php” that I use to open sessions and connect to databases.

There are also some of my standard folders pre-made too (with the correct server permissions) like “img” (images) and “upl” (uploads).

This was going to be last week’s #fridayfreebie, but here it is on a Wednesday instead.

This particular version is the one I use most commonly, and it’s set up for:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS (any version!)
  • and ideally a unix/linux based server, because it references the top level of the site as being “/”.

I’ve zipped it up to share! Feel free to do whatever you want with it—although there is a lot of Peter Mahoney specific stuff in there, so you might want to take that out. Unless of course you like giving me credit for your work. 🙂

HTML5 website template (.zip)


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