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What SEO gig should I buy?

By May 31, 2020No Comments

Can you let me know what gig I should buy? Keep in mind we haven’t set up GA, GSC, my business or anything so would be good if you can do the end to end setup and onsite.

Do you also do PPC a setup. Eg if I wanted a campaign to run just for one product category?

The best gig to buy would be the £120 one:

I set up GSC as aprt of my work as standard – but not GA to be honest. Because I focus on organic search, well the best data Google reports on for organic SEO is in Google Search Console. And setting up ‘My Business’ is also a different kettle of fish – and usually includes having to verify your address which really does need to be done by you.

I could set up GA easily enough if you’d like – but not My Business.

I would just need you to send me an email address you use to access Google services (just the address, not the password) and I can happily do that as part of the work, adding you to the accounts.

As for PPC I’m afraid don’t offer it at all. Google Ads usually have a very low ROI, so low in fact that I stopped offering Adwords services myself years ago.

I used to offer it back when Adwords first launched, but the ROI on it is so low every single one of my clients wanted to drop it in favour of more SEO work; so I stopped offering it altogether.

I hope that all helps!

Thanks again,

Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert


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