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Improve Wordpress speed


The average speed improvement we achieve is 41%!

Research suggests any page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load starts to lose business. And anything over 6 costs you most of your traffic!

If your site speed is under-performing, we will increase the speed of your WordPress website in real terms, as well as improving it’s results in Google Page Speed and Yahoo Yslow ratings.

We employ the following methods:

  • Optimising your images to make sure they are the smallest file size possible (without visible loss of quality)
  • Install and configure caching scripts (specifically set up for your hosting environment)
  • Set up “minify”, which helps reduce the size of the code that’s loaded when someone visits your page.
  • Setup and configure CloudFlare, a free content delivery system that serves up your site files to visitors from servers near to them, speeding up their experience, and taking a load off your server.

We recently improved the speed of a WordPress site from a 9.46 second initial load time, and “C” grades for both Page Speed and Yslow–to an incredible0.94 second load time, with two “A” ratings.