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Yuletide greetings!

By December 20, 2012No Comments

Yuletide greetings! - Mahoney Web MarketingIn my family we celebrate Yule just as much as Christmas, it’s a traditional festival that was absorbed into Christmas when the powers that be picked a date for the latter.

Even though it’s still two days away, I’m a sucker for a feelgood season, and wanted you to have this electronic card I sent to all my client’s this week. I really have had a wonderful year, and thank you all for your part in that.

Yuletide greetings (.pdf)

We find ourselves at the end of a year. I do hope 2012 has been fantastic for you; filled with success, joy, happiness—and that you’ve been left with high expectations for the year to come.

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate this Yuletide, I wish you the very best, and can’t wait to hear all about it in the new year.


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