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Complete Wordpress SEO Overhaul

We will optimise the heck out of your WordPress SEO


We’ve been working in SEO for 24 years, and can certainly help you.

It’s hard to overstate how beneficial Search Engine Optimisation can be when getting ahead in digital marketing–even a perfect AdWords campaign with high conversion rates can’t rival being at the top of search results organically.

We’ve have delivered SEO to over 3,000 clients, and no-one has ever given us less than a full 5-star review.

Email us to really push your rank in search results
We will install and setup several different systems to take your WordPress website’s SEO to the next level:

  • Meta tags like the titles and descriptions need to be optimised.
  • We do all our own search query (keyword) analysis to make sure everything we’re targeting is ideal.
  • There’s a variety of options for our main WordPress SEO plugin, for example All-in-one SEO Pack, Yoast, etc. We’ll select the very best one for you website. Different plugins are best for different websites–the way you’re using pages, posts etc is important in deciding. We don’t play favourites, we look at a site and decide which plugin would be best for it on a case by case basis.
  • We’ll set up your social media meta tags. These are a series of lines of code – for example Facebook’s OpenGraph and Twitter Cards – all designed to help people share your site on social platforms.
  • We’ll set up the site to work with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard. This is something Google expecially likes to see set up correctly.
  • We’ll sort out image tags to help reinforce your page’s content in image search results.
  • Heading tags are often overlooked but very important, we’ll make sure your H1, H2 and H3 tags are working as they should.
  • You need a valid sitemap.xml file to help search engines find all the relevant pages on your website. We’ll set this up and submit directly to search engines.
  • If it suits your business we’ll set the site so Google and Bing associate it with one country as your primary market.
  • We will make sure your site has a proper robots.txt file – from 2016 rather a significant change at Google meant many WordPress sites could not be scanned in their entirety. This task fixes that but is something almost every other SEO firm out there overlooks.
  • We’ll make sure your URLs are human readable and search engine friendly
  • And if you’ve got social media profiles that aren’t linked from your site we’ll add those buttons for you.

After the work is all done we’ll send you a copy of Peter’s (mercifully short) e-book called “Ongoing SEO Success”. It explains SEO concepts in an easy to follow way, and includes a few tips and tricks to keep improving things even further.

We only do what’s referred to as “white-hat” work. Nothing we do is intended to work around search engines rules, or trick them in some way. Google especially is very clear about what they want to see us doing, and we’ve found the best approach is to match that.

And as you’d expect after we’re done we’ll send you a report explaining what work we carried out on your site and why, along with any concrete recommendation and suggestions we have for you after having worked on your site thoroughly.

We also offer an ongoing SEO campaign that keeps pushing sites higher up the rankings even after an initial overhaul – by collecting and processing results and data that inform tweaks and changes to a site’s SEO, and of course keeping it on top of best practice and the search engine’s guidelines. And for a limited time we’ll include a free month of an ongoing SEO campaign for your site when you buy this complete WordPress SEO overhaul. These campaigns are incredibly successful – and you can have a month as a free bonus. (And we mean that, there’s absolutely no obligation to carry on. It’s totally up to you.)