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I can design your Facebook Page for you

By April 12, 2013No Comments

I can design your Facebook Page for you - Mahoney Web MarketingThis is one of those “ultra specials” that I run as a way to build my client base. In some ways I feel a bit silly doing it because it’s just so cheap, but meeting new people makes pretty much everything worth while in my book!

Your Facebook Page needs to carry a LOT of important messages about you in just a couple of graphics. Too many people just shove their corporate logo up as their Page’s profile pic, and some large photo they like as the cover image. And certainly sometimes that can be the best option, but in most cases, it’s a wasted opportunity.

Who are you? Who is your target market? What sort of ethos do you and your business wnat to foster?

If you don’t tell people who you are you leave them free reign to form their own ideas about you and your business.

Seriously take a look at your Facebook Page right now. What does it show, at-a-glance, about you and your company?

If it doesn’t say as much as it could, hire me for the ridiculously low sum of £19 to sort it out for you.


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