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How I work

By December 17, 2012No Comments

How I work - Mahoney Web MarketingYou’d be surprised how much of my working is done on the back of envelopes. A scribble here, a sentence there, even database structures usually start life on the back of a scrap piece of paper.

I suppose it’s how my mind works—for me the world that we create online is always an extension of the rest of our reality, so it makes sense in my mind that something starts as a physical entity before it becomes a system on a screen.

Case in point, the apparent game of dots and boxes above is actually the first draft of what became my annual Yuletide greeting card, and ended up like this:

How I work - Mahoney Web Marketing

The example I’ve given at least makes sense, you can see the transition from paper to screen. But so many of my scrawlings could only make sense to my mind…I’m reminded that we all have different ways of planning, structuring and beginning a new creative endeavour.

How do you work? Scribbles? Itemised lists? Walls of Post-it notes?


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