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What are my search rankings please?

By August 2, 2020No Comments

Hi Peter,

Just to let you know that I will be making payment later, and I have been asked by the website guy to let you know to pause the SEO as they are making changes to the content etc.

I am looking forward to seeing how my rankings have increased, way back before I got you on board as my WordPress SEO expert the guy had me down as 49?? So be lovely to see if I am moving up the ladder please.

Can I see how the keywords are ranking and performing in a report?

I guess there’s a few things here.

Pausing the SEO work so often isn’t conducive to getting good results to be honest. Just because content is being changed isn’t usually a reason to pause, in fact it’s best to carry on so I can reprocess the work and strategy as and when it changes.

So for now I’ve paused, but all the stop/starting isn’t the best.

So I did send the end of month report (along with the invoice). That’s for a full month of SEO work I carried out for you. I haven’t shared search rankings specifically yet for statistical reasons. So, I don’t know where you web guy gets his stats from (or why you’d ever just tell someone, ‘you’re in #49’ – what for? Every search query has a different rank.)

I get all my rankings from the horses’ mouth – Google’s official system.

The trouble is they’ve only just started reporting on that for you, and as such the impressions they’re basing it on are quite low – which means some of their rankings they provide for you could be statistically anomalous.

Bear in mind, for a search for something like ‘life coach’ you don’t have a set ranking. Google personalises results – so you and I will see different results when searching for the same thing based on our search histories and location. If I lived near you and did that search I’d see you much higher than if I lived in, say, the USA.

That’s one example. They personalise for 100s of reasons.

So for example right now they report you in #4 overall for that search. And actually that’s based on 89 searched performed which is pretty statistically sound.

But for, say, ‘life coaches near me’ they have you in #1, but based on just 4 searches. 4 isn’t a very large sample to use, so I don’t like to report on it in case when they start including a higher volume it’s shown to have been wildly different.

Below is a screenshot of some of your current search queries they do have data on. The position is your average rank (because it’s an average, some have a single decimal place. But you should round that, so a ranking here of 12.2 is actually just 12 – at the top of the second page.)

Impressions functions as the sample size.

So that’s the data we have to date, but as I say, I’d prefer more figures from Google before I can confidently say “You’re in this ranking for these search keywords.”

I hope that all makes sense!

Peter Mahoney
WordPress SEO Expert

What are my search rankings please? - Mahoney Web Marketing


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