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I’m not very good at tooting my own horn, but for the record, there are over 1,000 reviews of my service floating around on the internet, an 998 of those are 5-star feedbacks.

I’ve been doing website development since 1995, and SEO since 1998. Even according to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour¬†rule, that makes me an expert in both areas a few times over.

I just had a moment this morning that reminded myself just how experienced I am what I do. One client¬†signed up for my monthly SEO service a few weeks ago. Normally it’s a month before I issue the first update but I do like to keep an eye on how things are going and check the data fairly regularly.

So when he wrote to ask how things were progressing I was very happy to be able to send him this graph, showing the number of times his site was seen in Google search results over the past 90 days, with a crudely drawn arrow indicating when he started working with me.

How good am I? - Mahoney Web Marketing

So how good am I? Very good. I’m just not always very good at telling you about it.


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